Sunday, August 16, 2009

When in Rome trailer.

I know Kristen Bell needs to eat, but this looks shockingly stupid. Bell may just become another variation on Sarah Michelle Geller, a break-out TV star who never found material anywhere near as good as the stuff she started in. Maybe Bell just needs Rob Thomas as much as Gellar needs Joss Whedon. The only laugh I had from this trailer was the end, where the announcer proudly acknowledged that this was directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Yes, this romantic comedy is from the guy who made Daredevil (the director's cut is pretty good) and Ghost Rider (one of the most unintentionally funny comic book films ever made). If that's not worth shouting to the heavens, then I don't know what is.

Scott Mendelson

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geha714 said...

I'm agree with you on the fact that she needs better material.

I remember the first time I saw Bell on screen. It was some TV with Tim Matheson, Sean Young and Ed Asner. It was just another TV movie, but she was just stunning (This was before Veronica Mars, who never liked at all).

I think she has an enormous potential (she's not just gorgeous, but she can act as well) but her career choices had been very disappointing. I don't know if she hasn't been offered good roles or it's a path of her own choosing. Still, I hope than she gets better parts and finally break out, so she doesn't come back to the TV ghetto (If she does that, I'm afraid she's done then).


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