Saturday, August 15, 2009

Justice League The Complete Series to be released... on DVD.

Come November 11th, Warner Bros. home video will be releasing a box set containing the entire five-season run of Justice League (2001-2006). This snazzy-looking set will contain the 52 episodes of Justice League as well as the 39 episodes of Justice League Unlimited. The set will also include a bonus disc with a new documentary "Unlimited Reserve: Exploring the Depths of the DC Universe".

Great news
, unless you happened to have bought the first season of Justice League on Blu Ray about one year and four day ago. This seems to imply that Warner Bros. is pulling a Disney home video on us, as it appears unlikely that we'll see further seasons of Justice League on Blu Ray. Ironically, I would have no qualms about re-buying this series in a complete series box-set (especially one that will actually fit on my bookshelf) had I not purchased season one on Blu Ray in an act of good faith. Still, if you don't own most of the previous JL box sets in one format or another, this will likely be a great buy. Just give the show a little time, as the first season remains the weakest season of any Timm/Dini/Burnett superhero show to date. On the plus side, season 2 is pretty spectacular.

Scott Mendelson

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