Saturday, August 8, 2009

New trailer for Where the Wild Things Are

On one hand, this trailer, like the first one, looks and feels absolutely magical. If Spike Jonze pulls this off, the movie could easily become the kind of perennial family classic that is shown every Thanksgiving or every Christmas. On the other hand, I must concede that much of the power comes from the spellbinding combination of the visual imagery and that gorgeous Arcade Fire single 'Wake Up'. Unfortunately, it is known that A) the song in the trailer is apparently an altered version for the trailer and B) there will allegedly be no such music in the film itself. So, here's a random question... what modern movie trailers had music that was so powerful or appropriate that it lessened the movie to not have said score or music on the film's soundtrack? Whether it's the trailer-only music for the recent Star Trek trailers, the use of the themes for The Shadow and Crinson Tide in the trailer for The Saint, or the use of Creed's 'Higher' is the longform trailer for Titan AE, there is always a risk that a film's preview will contain a perfect mix of image and audio that the final film cannot match.

Scott Mendelson


R.L. Shaffer said...

The song "Wake Up" isn't sped-up at all in the trailer. It's from their album entitled "Funeral." The song is, however, reedited with what seems to be an instrumental version as well. I'm guessing the song will play a role in the film given the lyrics.

kaitiebell said...

It's like how "Paper Planes" by MIA was such a perfect song for Pineapple Express, yet was never included in the film.


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