Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Bang Theory cast needles Jim Parsons over his Emmy nomination.

This is just a taste of the obvious chemistry and comfort that the cast showed at this year's Paley Festival Q&A session that my wife and I attended in April. They obviously enjoy working together and all five of them are just genuinely witty people. Yes Jim Parsons' anal, obsessive, and brilliant Sheldon ("one lab accident away from becoming a super villain") is the 'break-out' character, and the showier characters usually get the Emmy nominations, but the writers have been smart enough to avoid letting him completely dominate the show. Kaley Cuoco (Penny) summed it up best, basically stating that the show works because all five characters are so genuinely entertaining that you can place any two of them in a scene and guarantee high amusement. I'd raise that statement and say that the characters are so sharply defined that one laughs in anticipation of the interaction before said scene even begins. Heading into its third season, The Big Bang Theory may very well be my favorite show currently on the air.

Scott Mendelson

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