Monday, August 24, 2009


Does anyone out there know if Warner Bros. is attaching a teaser/trailer for the Nightmare On Elm Street remake to prints of The Final Destination?  I know they showed footage of some kind at Comic Con and Warner won't have a more appropriate launching pad than this weekend.  I haven't heard anything, but they'd be stupid not to take advantage.

Scott Mendelson


chuck said...

Don't know the answer to that but why in the world is WB and Weinstein CO. killing each other releasing Final Destination 4 and Halloween 2 the same weekend. The same audience won't see both and will likely pick one over the other. Someone couldn't pick up the phone and say this is a bad idea for both of us.


Scott Mendelson said...

I'm actually considering a future entry about that closer to the end of the week. Basically two things of note. A) Both studios probably expected the other to flinch. B) Halloween 2 doesn't need to make nearly as much as Final Destination 4 to be considered profitable. So if Final Destination does $25 million and Halloween 2 does $15 million, than that's a win for both in relation to costs. But yes, their cannibalization will cost each of them around $10 million in opening weekend dollars. With the 3D gimmick and audience goodwill, Final Destination 4 could have cleared $40 million. Now it'll be hoping for $30 million.


Anonymous said...

Where is last weekend report, Scott?

Scott Mendelson said...

Slightly delayed due to daughter's second birthday stuff.


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