Saturday, August 15, 2009

Law Abiding Citizen trailer

I prefer my vigilante pictures to either be far-out fantasies (like any given Batman movie) or pure exploitation films that refuse to apologize for the onscreen savagery. I actually kinda liked Death Sentence, as it was one of the few 'the system failed me' action films that actually dealt with the realistic after-effects of taking the law into your own hands ("What... you mean the gang members aren't going to just sit idly by while I kill off the offending members? No!"). Law-Abiding Citizen looks to be a bit too self-important, as it threatens to actually have 'something to say' about the justice system in the guise of a semi-implausible scenario (no DA or city politician would ever survive re-election for giving a puny sentence to someone committing a home invasion murder). If the movie actually has the courage to make the grieving father (Gerald Butler, inexplicably trying to play an American) the out-and-out villain, then it might be worth seeing. Regardless, it's always a pleasure to see Bruce McGill. In relation to my last post on the Fourth Kind trailer, who would have thought that the man who was Jack Dalton on Macgyver would age into one of our best grizzled character actors?

Scott Mendelson

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