Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The second Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer.

This trailer was embedded from The Movie-List.

I love the fact that someone in the studio chain thought that Taylor Lautner had to literally explain the character arcs of this second picture. I'd wager that 90% of the audience that watches this trailer has either read the book or knows enough about the general mythology to know precisely what the plot of this one is. And I'd hope that the casual fans are not so stupid as to need a tour guide for a 105-second trailer. If anything, this approach almost resembles the trailers of the 50s and 60s, where an over-the-top narrator robustly explained the entire movie as the respective moments played out on screen.

Of course, this trailer has a secondary purpose as well. Since Robert Pattinson has very little screentime in this second picture, this preview needs to get the hardcore 'Edward-philes' used to a movie that basically stars Lautner's Jacob, so we have lots of shots of the insanely ripped, shirtless Lautner jumping here and there, occasionally turning into a werewolf. We also have a token look at Rome, where we get bigger-budget crowd scenes, underwater adventure, and a first glance at the most interesting casting coup of this sequel, Dakota Fanning as a high-ranking member of the vampire equivalent of the MI5 (Graham Greene's appearance is also a welcome addition). Ironically, despite this attempt at showing off their new budget and bigger scope, the trailer still closes out on that much-mocked shot of Jacob turning into a werewolf mid-air. I enjoyed that shot for its cheesy, 'why-the-hell-not?' nature, but I was obviously in the minority.

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