Thursday, August 13, 2009

Legion trailers (updated with both trailers).

See the whole movie in just five-minutes!
Sorry folks, this is another very spoiler-heavy trailer. Proceed with caution.
The first act is quite good, although I wish they hadn't completely spoiled that opening-act shocker with the old lady. Furthermore, am I correct to surmise that the trailer actually reveals the climactic death of a major character? Once again, despite the fine visuals and terrific cast, I wonder if I've seen the entire film already. Regardless, religious thrillers usually open like gangbusters, so this one has little to worry about.

And here is the normal 150-second trailer that debuted last night with District 9. It's a lot less spoilerific and thus the preferred choice for those wanting to go in knowing less.

Scott Mendelson

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