Monday, May 9, 2011

Stating the obvious: photo-shopping Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason out of an historical photograph is sexism, no matter who does it.

Certain sects of Christianity disenfranchise women because 'they are too vulnerable and fragile'. Certain sects of Islam disenfranchise women because 'they are wicked, morally dangerous creatures'. Certain sects of Judaism disenfranchise women because they think they are 'putting women on a pedestal, as a sign of respect'. Different excuses, same result: women are marginalized and not allowed to fully participate in the society in which they exist. It is no more anti-semitic to criticize such practices and attitudes as when it appears in those representing Judaism than it would be unpatriotic to criticize the actions of your country's government. It's sexism when people we don't like do it, and it's sexism when people we like do it as well.

Scott Mendelson

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