Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Smurfs gets a smurf-smurf second trailer. Yes, it still looks like a mother-smurfing piece of rotten smurf.

This still looks smurfing terrible, and I have nothing but pity for Jayma Mays who surely deserves better than this.  Sadly, there is a good chance that this will merely be her second or third worst movie, as she actually was the lead in Epic Movie and the token love interest in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  She has a small supporting role on Glee, of course, but I suppose she's still in the position of having to take whatever is offered to her.  Neil Patrick Harris has no excuse.  He has a starring role in How I Met Your Mother and hosts any number of awards shows in any given year.  Ironically, the film actually looks somewhat fun for the first 1/2 minute or so, until it leaves the Smurf Village landscape and plops our blue heroes on boring old Earth.  Yes, it's Masters of the Universe all over again.  Still, come what may, Allison wants to see this one.  It opens July 29th, which actually operates as a test of sorts.  Are you a man (Cowboys and Aliens), are you a woman (Stupid, Crazy Love), or are you a parent (The Smurfs)?  On second thought, stereotypical gender assignments aside, why are all three of these potentially breakout movies opening on the same weekend anyway?  Anyway, hopefully Allison will enjoy herself and maybe I can trick her into watching Spirited Away later.  Oh, the things I do that for that smurfing little brat...

Scott Mendelson     

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Sweetcalves said...

HANK AZARIA has no excuse. Maybe he needs the money and they were willing to pay well but this might be his lowest point in his career. It's weird to say but I'm pretty sure this is the worst movie I 've see a trailer for.


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