Friday, May 13, 2011

Random thoughts (RIP: Smallville, Better With You, but burn in Hell L&O:LA).

Blogger was down for most of yesterday and much of today, but all seems well.  I took in Everything Must Go and Bridesmaids, so I'll try to have reviews of both in the coming days (both are absolutely worth seeing, natch).  I was going to grab a showing of Priest 2D, but I decided against breaking the winning streak. As you may have noticed, I've added the Disqus commenting system below, which will hopefully allow for easier and greater quantity of comments for the various posts.  Anyway, here's hoping the series finale of Smallville lives up to ten years of anticipation, or at least rewards viewership loyalty more than Lost.  I was a loyal viewer right up until the craptastic season seven (which I only watched because it was the kind of thing I could DVR and pay half-attention to while playing with my newborn daughter), although I now hear that seasons 8-10 were a marked improvement over 5-7.  Pity...   I will eventually get around to watching the first two episodes of The Looney Tunes Show and commenting accordingly.   I can't decide whether I'm angry or heartily amused at the cancellation of Law and Order: Los Angeles.  First NBC cancels the mothership during a huge upswing in quality, one year away from setting the season record for a primetime drama.  Then they premiere the mediocre Law and Order: Los Angeles and then, right when the show is finding its footing, they yank it off the air and return with a dumbed-down and sensationalistic version that eventually gets put out of its misery.  As Adam Schiff would say back in the day, "Heh...".   But please enjoy the retooled title sequence above, which is the most unintentionally hilarious television credits intro in modern times. Until next time, take care and keep reading.

Scott Mendelson

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