Thursday, August 5, 2010

The things you find: Hunter Davis does Ian McKellen doing Duck Tales.

I stumbled upon this while scanning the comments section on that Video Gum article concerning whether or not Chris Nolan ripped off the 2004 Duck Tales comic book issue "Uncle Scrooge’s The Dream Of A Lifetime" for Inception. For the record, I would love for Nolan to admit to such thievery, mainly because it would mean that Christopher Nolan was in fact an avid reader of the Duck Tales comic book. Anyway, this is Hunter Davis doing a hilariously dead-on impression of Sir Ian McKellen. He has about half a dozen of these, the best of which is 'Ian McKellen as Popeye the Sailor Man'. I don't generally post random You Tube videos, but this was damn funny and worth a notice. Enjoy.

Scott Mendelson

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