Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inception bests domestic and worldwide box office take of Batman Begins. Inception is now Chris Nolan's number two earner in just twenty days.

As of yesterday, Inception has earned $205.5 million in domestic grosses and $377 million in worldwide box office. That puts the film just above the domestic ($205.3 million) and worldwide ($371 million) gross of Batman Begins. It has absolutely no chance in hell of catching up to The Dark Knight ($533 million domestic and $1 billion worldwide), but it's somewhat newsworthy none-the-less. Truth be told, I mainly wrote this so I could post this terrific Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. You have no idea how much I miss Bill Watterson's classic comic strip. While I certainly admired Watterson's refusal to license his characters, I wonder how he feels about an entire generation or two of kids who know Calvin only as that spiky-haired kid who pees on stuff. Considering that he's become the comic-strip equivalent of JD Salinger, I doubt he cares all too much. Anyway, carry on.

Scott Mendelson

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