Monday, August 16, 2010

Oliver Platt cast in X-Men: First Class. X-Men: First Class is now a must-see movie.

He is one of my favorite character actors. His verbal spars with Chiwetel Ejiofor turned 2012 into a piece of art. His turn as White House Counsel Oliver Babbish single-handedly made the whole 'President Bartlett reveals he has Multiple Sclerosis' plot-line of The West Wing not only watchable, but tremendously exciting and engaging. He has taken parts big and small in any number of commercial and independent productions both good and bad (Indecent Proposal, The Three Musketeers, Executive Decision, Simon Birch, Kinsey, Frost/Nixon, Please Give, etc) and made them memorable. I have no idea who 'the Man in Black' is in Martin Vaughn's upcoming X-Men reboot/prequel, but X-Men: First Class just earned by interest. To be fair, casting Kevin Bacon and future Oscar nominee Jennifer Laurence (Winter's Bone) didn't hurt either. Wouldn't it be grand if the fifth X-Men picture was a triumph not as an action picture, but as a genuine acting treat?

Scott Mendelson

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