Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DVD Review: Harry Brown (2010)

Harry Brown
103 minutes
rated R
Available August 31st from Sony Home Entertainment on DVD and Blu Ray

by Scott Mendelson

The film's theatrical review can be found here.

The DVD:
The film is shot on high-definition video and presented in 2.35:1. This is a dark and gray picture, and it probably looks better on DVD and Blu Ray than it did in most theaters (since so many auditoriums project films at low light levels). This is certainly not a show-off transfer, but the film looks relatively fine. As for the audio, the English 5.1 plays as a 2.0 mix on my non-existent audio set-up. I will say that the audio for the feature was lower than I'm used to, in that I had to turn up the 'volume' on my HDTV several notches higher than normal. The film comes with several subtitle selections, and I didn't notice any glaring issues with the English subtitle stream. The DVD and Blu Ray share the same bonus material. There is an insightful and detailed commentary with Michael Caine, director Daniel Barber, and producer Kris Thykier. There are also 17 minutes worth of deleted scenes, all of which are worth watching, but none of which desperately needed to be in the film. The first one, which fleshes out the disconnect between the police and the victims, is good but makes Mortimer's partner unconsciously unsympathetic right off the bat. Also included are several previews for other Sony releases.

Film: B+
Video: A-
Audio: B-
Extras: B-

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