Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes, Megan Fox may be 23, but what's Michael Bay's excuse?

As Michael Kinsley famously said in 1992, "A gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth". Apparently, Michael Bay is a little displeased about Megan Fox's recent 'gaffes' in the Entertainment Weekly cover interview a few weeks back. Sample this ridiculous rebuttal where Bay attempts to admonish his leading lady while A) ignoring the core of what she said (that she's grateful for the opportunities, but she would also like to do work that requires her to act) and B) criticizing her by stating the exact same things she stated in the interview in question (that she knows damn well that Transformers single-handedly plucked her from obscurity). I'm not one to get into celebrity mudslinging, but is clearly a case of someone saying something truthful and honest and being slammed for being critical, even though the original thoughts were not explicitly critical in nature. It's just the kind of thing that will prevent the kind of honest, actually readable celebrity interviews that are otherwise in such short supply these days.

Scott Mendelson


Big Mike Mendez said...

She's like the Sarah Palin of movies. Whenever she opens her mouth, something stupid comes out.

Scott Mendelson said...

Quite the contrary. Read the EW interview. Everything Fox said was accurate and/or relevant to the questions she was being asked.

Scott said...

I think the bigger fact here is that she has a choice: no one forces her to 'act' in the Transformers movies. She chooses to. She can't choose to sign onto movies that do not require her to act, then complain that the movies don't let her act.

And Michael Bay saying her broke Nic Cage and Will Smith? Yep, alright, except Cage was an Oscar winner and Bad Boys didnt actually make that much money according to Box Office Mojo.

Scott Mendelson said...

True true. Bad Boys was a solid hit (it cost $19 million and made $65 million), but ID4 was the one that turned him into the mega-star that he is today. And, having just watched that for the first time in ages just the other night, it really is a true 'star making' performance. As far as Fox's choice, in all likelihood, she's not being offered the kind of meaty roles that would persuade her to turn down a Transformers sequel. Again, she's not saying she's ungrateful, just that she wants a more varied career, which all kinds of male stars say all the time.

R.L. Shaffer said...

I took her comments in EW as code for "We didn't have a script thanks to the writer's strike, so Bay didn't give me (or anyone) any decent lines."

irish said...

Since I am not a fan of the Transformer movies, Megan Fox is not on my radar as an actress. She is on my radar as a celebrity - how could she not be?? I read her EW interview and all I can say is this..... If Bay has a problem with any of her answers it is only because it does nothing to stroke his overinflated ego. The man, in my opinion, is a horrible director and is usually the kiss of death to any film. Poor Michael Bay for not being hailed as the Godfather of Megan Fox's career. Go Megan - talk your mouth off!


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