Monday, July 20, 2009

The one that started it all... Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself gets a trailer...

If it looks like you've already seen this movie several times before, it's because this was the play that formed the groundwork for the Tyler Perry template. It was his second play (after I Know I've Been Changed, which laid similar foundations) and it was the one that introduced Madea into the Perry world. While I desperately wish he'd do more than constant variations on 'struggling young woman finds a new lease on life through faith, family, and a handsome, blue-collar stud', it may be interesting to see him go back to the beginning. Considering that Tyler Perry followed up his very best film (The Family That Preys) with his very worst (Madea Goes to Jail), I really have no way of knowing where this will stand on the quality ladder. Still, come what may, Tyler Perry is arguably the only filmmaker left who makes genuine family dramas. And I still think he desperately needs to cast Tony Todd to play around in the Perry playground. Heck, I'd love to see what Eddie Murphy could do with such an atypical genre, as he desperately needs to try something different.

Scott Mendelson

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chuck said...

Perry made $75 milion last year. He has truly discovered a nice market for his films. Is he a really good filmmaker? No, but his target audience is happy with what he delivers. There more like TV movies of the week but they score at the boxoffice. I wonder what Spike Lee thinks deep down about Perry's success.



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