Thursday, July 2, 2009

Planet 51 trailer...

This looks blander than unbuttered toast, and it resembles an animated feature seemingly made on auto pilot. We have celebrity voices (Dwayne Johnson, Justin Long, Gary Oldman, Jessica Biel), a vaguely sitcom-ish 'fish out of water' plot line, and the promise of harmless hi jinks and G or PG-rated slapstick. Since Dwayne Johnson (an actor I usually enjoy) seems to be playing Patrick Warburton, I'm not sure why Sony didn't just hire him instead. Ironically, the picture very much represents a 'safer', more family-friendly variation on the second act of the surprisingly decent The Battle For Terra (which also starred Justin Long). That little-seen sci-fi parable actually had a reason for existing, and it more or less rode the courage of its convictions right up until the end. It should be on DVD very soon, and I highly recommend it.

Scott Mendelson

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