Friday, July 10, 2009

Ryan Reynolds cast as the Green Lantern...

Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, and other less respectable sites are all reporting that Ryan Reynolds is the new flesh n' blood Hal Jordan (as opposed to the animated variation, who will be played by Christopher Meloni in Green Lantern: First Flight on July 28th). I was pulling for Bradley Cooper, but Reynolds is a fine actor with a varied resume. I'm personally a big fan of his work in the underrated Amityville Horror remake from spring, 2005. As I mentioned last month, Reynolds gained far more from The Proposal than Sandra Bullock, as everyone already knew that Bullock could open in a mainstream romantic comedy. Good on Warner Bros. for not casting some 20-something CW-heartthrob (Reynolds turns 32 this year). Now the rest of the cast will likely fill out relatively quickly. As longtime readers know, I'm incredibly excited for this film for one reason - director Martin Campbell. He directed two of the best non-Connery 007 films (Goldeneye and Casino Royale) and directed one of the very best superhero films of all time (The Mask of Zorro - don't argue unless you want to pick a fight). Green Lantern is scheduled to open June 17th, 2011.

Scott Mendelson

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