Friday, July 17, 2009

Whip It! trailer

While the narrative seems relatively paint-by-numbers, I'm pleased to see a female-driven movie that isn't primarily about snagging a guy. It's good to see Daniel Stern again on the big screen, as he's a better actor than he's given credit for. Considering the vast body of work that Drew Barrymore has produced, I'm shocked that she hasn't directed her own movie until now. Between 1996 (Scream) and 2005 (Fever Pitch), she was the one of the most consistently bankable female stars in the industry, with a solid run of moderately budgeted mid-range hits (The Wedding Singer, Ever After, Never Been Kissed, etc). I still to this day believe that the otherwise solid Fever Pitch was ruined by real life, as the tacked-on finale of the Red Sox actually winning the World Series completely negated the whole point of the movie. Nobody markets and nurtures quirky stuff like this better than Fox Searchlight, so I'd imagine that this will be a solid mainstream hit when it opens on October 9th.

Scott Mendelson

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