Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saw VI trailer...

One thing I genuinely appreciate about the Saw franchise is that it is the rare series where it's easy to go into the next installment knowing next to nothing about what will happen. The sets are pretty top-secret. The trailers reveal no plot. And there are no test screenings, preview screenings, or press screenings that could otherwise allow weak-willed people such as myself from knowing too much going in. This teaser follows suit, revealing only what will likely be the opening scene. The use of the current health insurance scandals is so obviously topical that it's almost funny. But it's the rare Jigsaw trap that actually makes a sort of logical sense (an insurance agent who theoretically chooses who lives and dies must now literally chose who gets to live). And while we can argue whether health insurance bureaucrats deserve to perish in the grisliest of fashions, it's nice that Jigsaw seems to have taken a respite from targeting cops who care too much or believe in the general decency of their fellow humans. For those who have followed this increasingly goofy series up to now, there's no reason to stop now. For those who gave up several installments ago, why are you even reading this?

Scott Mendelson

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