Monday, July 13, 2009

Jennifer's Body green-band trailer: Beware the major spoiler at the end.

Here is the all-ages trailer that went out with Bruno over the weekend. It's a more generic horror trailer, but one that seems to show off more Amanda Seyfried than the previous red-band variation. It's fine, the come-hither would-be seductions are still dime-store cheap, but the trailer clearly sets up the main characters, the main conflict, and the likely climactic issues at play. But there is a HUGE spoiler at the 1:35 mark. Nothing out and out stated, but the location and the costume of a certain character... don't watch if you don't want to know.

Scott Mendelson


Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

I bet all the horny fanboys have been jacking off to the red band trailer like, 300 times now.

Anonymous said...

Actually the greenband trailer is much better than the redband. Glad to see Amanda Seyfried get equal billing on the poster. She is quite appealing and will probably be working in movies long after Megan Fox is doing a reality show like Denise Richards. OK that was harsh but I say 50/50 that it happens.



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