Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Couples Retreat trailer

If the YouTube video goes down, go here.
This has a great all-star cast, and a pleasant enough premise. But the execution seems as generic as can be. One only hopes that the marketing is simply hiding the best jokes, because this looks like nothing more than a broadly comedic and possibly dumbed-down variation on Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?. Let's hope the movie is smarter than the trailer. Shockingly enough, this film is the directorial debut from actor Peter Billinsgley. He's best known for playing young Ralphie in A Christmas Story. He's also good friends with star Vince Vaughn, which proves that it's sometimes good business to be friends with Vince Vaughn.

Scott Mendelson


R.L. Shaffer said...

It should also be noted that Peter Billinsgley is Jon Favreau's producing partner behind all his films, including Iron Man 1 and 2. Man, how does Favreau find the time to mount, direct and do press for major motion pictures AND star in other work!?! This movie looks like a lot of fun.

Scott Mendelson said...

Thanks, I did not know that. My knowledge of their relationships only from Billingsley's segment's in Vince Vaugn's Wild West Comedy Tour.

PsychoPoet said...

Bell as Bateman's wife? Check Please! That's all kinds of wrong.


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