Thursday, July 23, 2009

2012 posters... left behind you say?

Obviously, thanks to Comic Con, there will be a bevy of posters and trailers coming down the pike. Alas, due to impending jury duty, I was unable to attend. But I'll do my best to toss up the various stuff that premieres this week (that Alice in Wonderland trailer will be up and running again when Disney premieres it today or tomorrow). The newest poster for Roland Emmerich's disaster-porn epic 2012 is visually stunning, as was the calorie-rich, nutritionally deficient trailer (I did enjoy the spoof trailer though). What I find more striking is the word choice in the older poster. OK, you have a movie about the end of the world, with billions of people dying and a choice few surviving to make a new world. Do you really think they chose the phrase 'left behind' by accident? The movie doesn't seem to have a religious cause for the carnage, and I doubt that Emmerich is going the Stephen King 'it's all god's fault' route Ala Desperation and The Stand (gross simplification, I know). I do think that the teaser poster implies that Sony may end up pitching a secondary marketing campaign towards the sort of folks (evangelical Christians for example) who believe strongly in the coming apocalypse/rapture. Just thought it was interesting.

Scott Mendelson


Anonymous said...

you suck, dude. you really suck

Scott Mendelson said...

That's just what my daughter says.


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