Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey gets a gorgeous trailer.

Well this just looks like staring at an oil painting for two-and-a-half hours.  I won't pretend that this is even trying to approach the emotional highs of the prior Lord of the Rings trilogy, nor should anyone seemingly expect the scale of the earlier film series, which of course came *after* the original Hobbit book.  I read The Hobbit back in middle school and wasn't overly crazy about it, to the point where I never got around to reading the Lord of the Rings series.  But let's forget for a moment that I'm not that jazzed for a Hobbit movie and have at-best a grudging interest in seeing it.  Putting that aside, this thing looks unquestionably gorgeous.  For all the ink silt about the allegedly un-film-like nature of the 48fps cinematography, the images we see here are completely beautiful.  I can only hope that the film, even when shown in 48 fps 3D, looks this good, this unquestionably cinematic.  Now that Les Miserables has scooted to December 25th, Peter Jackson has December 14th all to himself.  Do I think this is going to have the emotional impact or sheer awe-inspiring grandeur of Fellowship of the Ring?  Nope, but it's high time I stopped being a grumpy-pants about it and welcome what looks to be an absolutely lovely return to Middle Earth.

Scott Mendelson

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corysims said...

Skipping this entire trilogy. I just don't understand how one can take one bit that's a little over 300 pages and stretch it to three films?

Jackson became indulgent starting with the Two Towers and it seems with the Hobbit.

Where's the Peter Jackson of Fellowship of the Ring?


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