Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part I gets a trailer.

There isn't much to add here.  Once again I am intrigued at how much these trailers seem to be treating the seemingly sought-after finale (Edward and Bella get married) as a genuine tragedy, with the resulting pregnancy-of-doom as some kind of punishment.  As it is, each installment looks and feels more cinematic and polished than the last and this Bill Condon installment is no exception.  I enjoy these pictures more or less as guilty pleasures, relishing the time spent with the supporting cast as opposed to the three main romantic leads.  Of course, even many a fan kinda hated the final book of the series, so it will be interesting to see if said literary failure has any effect on the box office for the last two installments.  Come what may, the second-highest three-day weekend of 2011 is all-but guaranteed.  Breaking Dawn part I drops on November 18th.  As always, we'll see...

Scott Mendelson


Liam_Ho said...

Well Scott to answer your question but if you don't want to be SPOILED don't read below...

It's such a terrifying event because the baby is killing her, which they already stated in the trailer. But another factor which will probably be dealt with in Part 2 is that this new hybrid baby poses as a threat to the Voluturi. Such a hybrid has never occurred before so its an unknown to them. They decide to exterminate it, in case it may become some kind of threat later. Which will lead to one of the most anti-climatic battle you will ever see. Part 1 is gonna be one long infomercial on why abortion is EVIL.

Scott Mendelson said...

I got the general idea, it's just something that a friend of mine who read the books said back when Eclipse came out in theaters: That it seems to him that Stephanie Meyer either wanted Bella to end up with Jacob instead of Edward (but bowed to editors' pressure) or that she realized what a creepy and disturbing 'fantasy' she was telling and kinda-sorta tried to dig her way out of it. You can see it in the speech that Anna Kendrick gives at the graduation, you can see it in the genuinely sympathy you feel for Bella's dad, you can see it in the way everyone treats Bella's wedding and eventual transformation as a tragedy of sorts. Much of what I've read occurs in Breaking Dawn feels a bit like Meyer telling her fans 'This is what you want? Here's how it would really go down!". Thomas Harris did a bit of this in Hannibal, which was a darkly satirical 'up yours' to those who thought Hannibal Lecter was some kind of hero after Silence of the Lambs (Ridley Scott's film version missed all of this). Right or wrong, this idea, that the author didn't quite endorse the story she wound up telling, has influenced how I see the movies.

Diane Lowe said...

I watched the first film on YouTube and maybe read a few pages of Twilight before I decided it wasn't for me. However, this CHUD opinion piece is hilarious:


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