Thursday, September 29, 2011

Avengers assemble in poorly-photoshopped Entertainment Weekly cover.

It's no great tragedy, but the photo-shopping on display is pretty terrible.  The only real harm is that this poorly constructed and awkward Entertainment Weekly cover will probably count as a 'first look' for a large number of general moviegoers, just the sort that need to be intrigued to get this sure-to-be expensive comic book epic over the $185 million mark that seems to be the ceiling that non-Iron Man Marvel Studios projects seem to be reaching for.  Of course, Tony Stark is in this picture, but it really isn't going to be Iron Man 3 (especially since Thor and Captain America both did well this summer).  Anyway, enjoy Mark Ruffalo giving his best 'blue steel' look.  Derek Zoolander would approve.

Scott Mendelson

1 comment:

obthavariable said...

What the hell, Mark Ruffalo? The character you're playing is Bruce Banner/Hulk, not Edward Cullen/Edward Scissorhands/Tony-Stark's-secret-admirer. Who stole your batch of pink roses? Are you checking out the photographer? What the hell are you doing?!!!

Don't get me started on Johansson's don't-look-at-my-boobs pose.


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