Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kinda neat: IMAX schedules a week of discounted 'old favorites'.
Since Contagion isn't exactly burning up the IMAX box office and Real Steel still has a week before opening, IMAX is trying something a little different.  For one week, starting tomorrow, various IMAX theaters will be showing a slate of three popular IMAX titles over the last three years.  For just $7 a ticket, you can opt to revisit Star Trek, Inception, and Fast Five on the large-screen format.  Nothing much to add here, but I almost hope this starts an occasional trend.  I'm not sure if my schedule would permit such a thing, but I'd love the opportunity to revisit Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in their IMAX glory before seeing The Dark Knight Rises.  Anyway, click on the link below the big banner ad for tickets and what not, otherwise consider this a plug for what I think is a rather fun and smart idea.  Will you be attending any of next week's bargain rereleases?  What movies would you like the chance to revisit in IMAX, or what older movies would you pay to see reconverted to IMAX (IE - the Lord of the Rings trilogy?).  Share below if so inclined.

Scott Mendelson


obthavariable said...

Oh my god, I want nothing more than to see "Watchmen" in IMAX. I watched it a year after its release, and even on measly DVD, it was amazing. Not to mention how great it looks on Blu-ray with a plasma screen. Yeah. Watchmen. Enough said. Get on that, IMAX people.

Glenn Dunks said...

Maybe a silly question, but do American IMAX theatres actually play the ol' 45-min docos anymore? For some reason Australia got Sean Casey's rather great "Tornado Alley 3D" before America and now this is making me wonder even more why it's not out in America yet.


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