Thursday, September 22, 2011

David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo remake gets a second trailer.

This is actually over a minute longer than a regulation-sized 2:30 trailer.  At 3:46, it's basically a trimmed down version of the footage that the press saw last week in front of selected press screenings of Straw Dogs or Moneyball.  As such, there isn't much new to add, other than to again remark how visually dynamic the picture looks.  This thing is chock-full of character and narrative exposition, and it's good that Sony now seems unafraid to highlight the somewhat unique title character.  Otherwise, I direct you HERE to read my thoughts on the eight-minute preview from last week.

Scott Mendelson

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obthavariable said...

Seems to me like Rooney Mara is the only one who nailed the Swedish accent (other than the original Swedes in the cast). Interesting. Just another added bonus point in her favor. She is 'exactly' how I pictured Lisbeth: intimidating and fierce, yet alluring and attractive. Awesome.


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