Monday, May 10, 2010

Robin Hood gets a last-minute, action-packed third trailer.

This last-minute trailer kinda feels a little desperate. With no hint of plot, the 78-second trailer sells pure action and sells the idea that the film is wall-to-wall battle scenes and/or violence. Ironically, as the film makes no mention of the villainy at play, Robin Hood comes off as a murderous bandit who runs mad through England hacking and shooting arrows at any unlucky soldier or bystander in his way. In other words, this looks like the trailer for the original idea for this project (first called Nottingham), which was the Robin Hood legend told from the point of view of the sympathetic Sheriff of Nottingham. Weird... Anyway, I have an invite for a screening of this one tomorrow night, so if I am able to attend, I'll let you know if it's as good as we hope, or at least better than we fear.

Scott Mendelson

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