Friday, May 7, 2010

One of the finest pieces of television aired all year...

As two of television's finest thrillers prepare to depart in the coming weeks, let us take a moment to welcome two astonishingly witty comedies that are every bit as exciting as Lost and 24 at their respective peaks. Community doesn't have the overt warmth and slamming door farce of Modern Family, but it has a genuinely post-modern wit, constantly commenting on its own conventions while simultaneously rising above them. Both shows, like the legendary Scrubs (which, ahem, ended last season), are willing to forsake laughs for the sake of drama and character development just the same. Last night was not one of those times, as this absurdly pinpoint action-film parody represents the students of Greendale at their very best. NBC was smart enough to immediately post the whole episode online immediately. If you haven't checked out this wonderfully funny new show, you're missing out on a genuine new classic.

Scott Mendelson

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