Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Machete gets another bootleg trailer...

Cute, but the original 'fake' trailer was actually far more entertaining. Sure the stunt casting is amusing, but it's a little painful watching various actors give intentionally bad performances and deliver intentionally horrible dialogue (they really should have switched out Robert De Niro for Chris Walken). The obvious good sport award goes to Steven Seagal, who probably should have been playing villains ten years ago. Oddly enough, the first couple shots of Lindsey Lohan had me excited, but only because I mistakenly thought that Julianne Moore was playing the gun-toting nun (I didn't realize it was Lohan until I saw the onscreen credit). The surprising topicality of the picture is interesting, but it may possibly rob the film of its trashy novelty. Point being, despite the attempts at grindhouse-type visuals, the movie looks too clean, too polished, and too much like what it is, big-name actors goofing off for their own amusement. Besides, the trailer omits my favorite bit of narration from the original trailer: "If you're gonna hire Machette to kill the bad guy, you better make damn sure the bad guy isn't you!"

The original trailer:

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JohnH said...

Either way, it's still one of the funniest, kick-ass "trailers" ever, and really is a statement on just how awful modern cookie-cutter movie trailers are. The Weinsteins deserve to be banished to a special sub-dungeon of Hell for not releasing "Grindhouse" as it played in theaters with the fake trailers intact. With the exception of the final car chase in "Death Proof" the trailers were the best part of the show!


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