Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lost finale as a sitcom, plus quick thoughts on "Across the Sea".

This is slightly amusing, and arguably more entertaining than Tuesday night's episode. The kicker is the very end, which basically plays off an idea that I've had for years regarding potential Lost spin-offs (it would be the best sitcom ever). Speaking of the most recent episode ("Across the Sea"), I have no problem with various elements of the mythology being left unexplained. I've always watched the show for the character interaction, not the clues and mysteries and what-have you. But if you're going to devote one of your very last episodes to full-on back-story, it helps if you actually explain how your science fiction works rather than have characters make cryptic pronouncements of things we already knew or presumed that are supposed to serve as 'answers'. For example, if the writers want to explain why the Man in Black can never leave the island, having Allison Janney simply intone that 'you can't leave the island' doesn't count as an explanation. Tuesday's dreadfully boring outing was the equivalent of watching three characters defining various words but using the given word in the definition each time. And let's not get started on the climax, which had to be the lamest super villain origin ever ('tossed into a magical glowing river of piss, only to have his soul sucked out and turn into smoke'). On a lighter note, god help any poor soul in the future who stumbles upon "Across the Sea" while randomly channel surfing to the SyFy Channel or what have you to catch a random episode of that "Lost" show that his parents used to blab about.

Scott Mendelson

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