Saturday, January 9, 2010

The A-Team gets a trailer.

I know many of you watched this yesterday, but I wanted to wait until a higher-quality version was available. I was never a hardcore fan of The A-Team, but this whole trailer brought a big stupid grin to my face. Kudos to whomever cut this spot, for not trying to outsmart yourselves. You've got a perfectly catchy theme song and a pitch-perfect bit of exposition straight from the source, so that's all you need. The cast is wonderful, the chemistry seems spot on, and the action seems to be following the 'no harm, no foul' tone of the original series. I do hope the nutso final action beat isn't a climax spoiler. As always, two questions remain. Will the A-Team kill anyone? They never could in the series because they were already wanted for a murder they didn't commit ("Well boys, you've been cleared of the murder of your superior officer, but we need to talk to you about two dozen other unexplained deaths over the last four years."). Secondly, the narration makes it very clear that you can HIRE the A-Team. So, will they actually get paid for any of their mercenary work this time around? Will they actually bill any of their clients for once? And if not, will the movie explain how they afford luxuries such as food and shelter? Such important questions that will hopefully be answered when Joe Carnahan's The A-Team opens on June 10th, 2010.

Scott Mendelson

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Sean G said...

It kind of looked interesting until the midair tank vs airplane firefight. I suppose a 90% rating at Rotten Tomatoes might change my mind.


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