Friday, July 23, 2010

Machete gets a red-band trailer...

Sorry for all the trailer stuff, it IS Comic Con this weekend after all. Anyway, I still don't get why Fox and/or Rodriguez is insisting on hiding Lindsey Lohan's appearance in this thing. It's not like her tabloid troubles of late are going to besmirch the reputation of this Oscar bait costume drama. We're talking about an exploitation action picture that's being sold as a throwback to the 1970s grindhouse era. I still think Robert De Niro is all wrong for this kind of comedy, and he's too big of a star to genuinely find himself in such a piece of schlock. It's a shame that Don Johnson doesn't get his 'introducing' credit this time around. This is at least more entertaining than the boring trailer that was attached to Predators two weeks ago, if not as amusing as the 'up yours Arizona' teaser that debuted back in May. I'm still on the fence, as the best trailer for this picture is still the original fake trailer that debuted with the Grindhouse double feature three years ago.

Scott Mendelson

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