Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A fan-made trailer for The Expendables that puts the Lionsgate efforts to shame.

Even if you choose to take offense at the whole gender wars thing concept (you shouldn't, it's funny), the actual editing in this trailer makes the film seem far more exciting than it looks in any of the 'real' trailers released thus far. Yes this absolutely should be sold as a hardcore 'guy movie to end all guy movies'. This is as much a project fueled on nostalgia as Freddy Vs. Jason. This is about nostalgia both for the 80s/90s action heroes that are showcased as well as the kind of unapologetically hard-R action vehicles (violence, nudity, vulgarity!) that used to be the backbone of genre filmmaking. Oh, and the anti-torrent message is a nice touch too. A wonderful piece of effective marketing that also happens to be a joke. Even better than the real thing indeed.

Scott Mendelson

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