Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gets a Jack Sparrow-centric teaser.

This is a relatively useless teaser, making me afraid yet again that the fourth picture is going to a non-stop Jack Sparrow-mugging show (think a Shrek sequel starring Donkey). Come what may, the original trtilogy made good use of Sparrow as a showy supporting character, with only Dead Man's Chest suffering from a bit too much Sparrow-sillyness. Obviously Disney will sell this film however they please, and their Depp-centric Alice in Wonderland campaign obviously worked wonders. The first three pictures are vastly underrated, shockingly complicated, character-driven, and ammoral for mainstream popcorn munchers (each picture has only two or three major set pieces per film). As I'm not a fan of Rob Marshall in the least, this gets a big fat 'we'll see'.

Scott Mendelson

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Tom Clift said...

A Shrek sequel starring Donkey...or maybe a spin-off starring Puss in Boots? Oh wait...

I pretty much share your thoughts on Pirates 4 - I loved the first one and thought the second two were pretty good (not nearly as bad as people seem to say).

The other thing that struck me is Johnny Depp might be getting a bit too long in the tooth for this role. The first movie was seven years ago after all (although I suppose him aging could actually tie in quite well with the Fountain of Youth plot)


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