Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gore Verbinski's Rango gets a teaser.

This looks kinda terrific, and the animation looks genuinely stunning, almost lifelike in its detail at certain moments. It's good to see Verbinski back in the saddle, as he is a genuine talent whose work on the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy remains oddly underrated, to say nothing of his fine work on The Weather Man and The Ring. The entire series hold up a few years down the line as overly-convoluted but generally intelligent and surprisingly political blockbusters (the sequels work as relatively potent 'War on Terror' analogies better than the more on-the-nose Prince of Persia). This looks like something more akin to the hilarious Looney Tunes-ish romp Mouse Hunt, which first put him on the map back in December 1997. This is also Paramount's first stand-alone animated feature since Barnyard: The Original Party Animals back in 2006. It comes out March 4th, 2011.

Scott Mendelson

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