Monday, June 7, 2010

Ed Helms does Elton John on the MTV Movie Awards.

This isn't all that funny, and it's especially less funny once it gets interrupted at 1:20. I've generally found Tom Cruise to be good-sport funny for decades, so the sight of him trying so hard here and in Tropic Thunder is painful. But the first minute or so does confirm my (not-that-bold) assumption last year that Ed Helms was in fact doing an Elton John riff during everyone's favorite 'ode of the tiger'. His brief little ditty was one of the highlights of the movie, and my first thoughts were "Wow, Ed Helms can sing." and then "Wow, Ed Helms does a great Elton John impression". As for the show itself, I no longer watch regularly, but how I miss the days when they'd actually mock the film industry in a loving Mad Magazine sort of way. I still think the two best shows were 1994 awards, where they reenacted the Best Movie nominees with chimps, and the 1998 awards show, where Samuel L. Jackson hosted and brought along his character actor buddies (William H. Macy, Gary Busey) to teach the young folk a thing or two about overacting.

Scott Mendelson

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