Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warner Bros's Earth Day mitzvah - a cheap HD-DVD to Blu Ray trade in program.

Kudos to Warner Bros. for their new HD-DVD to Blu Ray trade in program. I kinda wish they had done this a year ago when I actually had a handful of Warner HD DVDs, but better late than never I suppose (my local public library now has several HD DVDs and I have a tax deduction). Basically, send in the cover art, plus $4.95 and shipping and handling, and they'll send you the corresponding Blu Ray of the same title. Considering that it was Paramount that prolonged this format war by going HD DVD only back in October 2007, it might behoove them to offer a similar trade program (especially for pricey stuff like the Star Trek Original Series HD DVD sets). Between this and that wonderful archive program they started several weeks ago (they released countless old films from the vaults and allowed consumers to custom order DVDs for purchase), Warner Bros. is all but shaming their competition in the home video realm.

Scott Mendelson

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