Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inglorious Bastards clip premieres during American Idol. Wouldn't 24 or Fringe have been more appropriate?

Remember that part, about midway through Saving Private Ryan, when everyone looked at their movie going companions in moderate surprise and confusion? We all whispered the same thing: "wait a minute... is that Ted Danson?". He was fine in his small role, and we all forget that he had a career as a dramatic actor before Cheers, but it still stuck out like a sore thumb. Apparently Quentin Tarantino remembers that too. That guy who narrates the first portion of this Inglorious Bastards clip? Yup, that's Mike Myers. According to a Google search, his casting is old news, but I had no idea (I certainly would have brought it up while discussing The Love Guru in my end-of-summer wrap article).

Anyway, I'm amused that this heavily self-indulgent clip can't even say the name of the movie, since it's airing during the 8pm family hour of Fox's American Idol. I wonder if Joe Lieberman would have anything to say, since this is just the sort of 'marketing R-rated movies to youth audiences' that had him in such a tizzy back in 2000.

Scott Mendelson

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