Friday, November 30, 2012

Brandon Peters says: Watch the Dirty Harry franchise during G4's all-day marathon this Saturday!

Hey Mendelnites (can we use that, Scott?), in the even you've never seen the Dirty Harry series or would like to in order to keep with my dissection, but are unable to find the films or don't want to shell out $$ - you're in luck.

This Saturday (December 1st), the G4 Network (the one that pretty much airs Cops like its 1992) is marathoning the Dirty Harry series all day and probably 2 or 3 times through. So, either plop down and marathon it yourself or set your DVR!

Brandon Peters


Bill Vegas said...

It's encouraging that you guys are watching old movies like Bond and Dirty Harry but maybe you might want to upgrade the selection a bit.

How about John Ford, Kubrick, Hitchcock seems to be in vogue.

I think even Clint Eastwood is a little embarrassed by Dirty Harry these days.

Harry said...

I recorded it today - G4 had the audacity to trim the " I feel lucky" scene - they cut 5 secs of the scene so it looks like he only shot 4 times! I know they need to trim for time, but...


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