Friday, November 9, 2012

Brad Pitt's World War Z gets a big-scale trailer.

There is some great and terrifying imagery in this extended teaser.  Truth be told, aside from animation and the occasional 'hang out with your friends' Oceans picture, Brad Pitt hasn't done a full-scale commercial blockbuster of this nature since the one-two punch of Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith way back in 2004/2005.  We all know that the film has went through hell, from a completely rewritten by Damon Lindelof third act (because he's totally a master of the third act, right?) to rumors that Pitt and director Marc Forster aren't on speaking terms, but what we see here looks perfectly competent and rather grand (it's obvious they are trying to make arguably the first epic zombie picture).  The film seems to be almost hiding the fact that it's a zombie film, although anyone with half a zombie brain will release that the swiftly-moving antagonists are likely very-much undead.  Will it be good?  I have no idea, but viewed in a vacuum  this is a pretty effective, if overly spoiler-ish clip.  Just in terms of spelled-out storytelling, it basically reveals the narrative course of the first act, if not the first two acts, of the movie.  Still, it's heartening to release that the 'Pitt and his family are trapped in a poorly lit, cheap to film in interior location' bit seems to happen pretty early on.  Anyway, the $180 million World War Z opens June 21, 2013.  As always, we'll see, but what are your thoughts?  Obviously if you've read the source material feel free to add to the discussion.

Scott Mendelson        


Ryan said...

I never envisioned the zombies are fast movers while reading the book; however, I'm willing to accept that change. It does add an elevated level of danger and likelihood that a zombie horde could over run the US military.

The zombies in the trailer maybe seem too quick, like inhumanly quick -- made them look a little cartoonish. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the battle of Yonkers scenes. I also hope they have the underwater zombies. Always loved that aspect of the book.

The tone of the trailer doesn't really feel like the book (mainly because the book took place well after the apocalypse, whereas the move seems to be knee deep in it). But again, I can accept that change, if everything else is done well.

Jerika said...

Will this be an enjoyable film? It's entirely possible. Will this be the film that fans of the book have been waiting for? No.

Robert hawks said...

The creative dilemma here is the book featured one character interviewing all the really interesting people; he was a device. How the hell do you make a device the lead and not wake up with $180 million dollars of clunky footage that either focuses on Mr. Device and his family's survival, which has been told a zillion times, or give short shrift to the epic zombie tales never before envisioned, such as Yonkers, and India, and the the Hollywood mansion, or the downed female pilot. I'll buy a ticket, Max Brooks's material deserves the acknowledgment however as expressed by some, I'm not optimistic. I fear somebody Red Dawn'd the fuck out of this.


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