Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem gets a terrifically operatic trailer.

There are so many major trailers being released over the last couple days that you'd swear the Super Bowl was this weekend.  But my pick for the best of the bunch is this engrossing and genuinely unnerving little tease from Rob Zombie.  In times good (The Devils Rejects), bad (Halloween), and in-between (Halloween II), Zombie has created a distinctive template and a unique voice in the horror scene, so I'm glad he's still around and I'm doubly-glad that he seems to be operating well-outside his safe zone.  This feels more like a Dario Argento picture than a traditional 'redneck rampage' Zombie picture.  And since Argento hasn't made a great picture since who-knows-when, why not let Zombie take a crack in this sandbox?  Anyway, Anchor Bay will be distributing this one sometime next year, and the visuals combined with the operatic music make this one a rather great horror teaser.  Of course, I don't know the actual budget or actual scale of this picture (it screened to mixed reviews in Toronto), but this is a genuinely successful tease and my pick for uh, best trailer of the week.

Scott Mendelson

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