Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Watch/Discuss: Iron Man 3 gets a solid, but rather similar-looking teaser, as Tony must save himself yet again.

That I'm not a fan of the new armor's color scheme is a minor point.  I'm still bitter that they switched Mario's color scheme in Super Mario Bros. 2 almost 25 years ago.  But while the footage looks good and the stakes seem higher this time around, I can't help feeling a sense of deja vu.  Is this not the second sequel where a diabolical villain decides to teach Tony a lesson in humility by tearing his world apart, just as Tony himself is going through a mental/emotional crisis?  Or more to a point, is this not the third Iron Man  film where Tony basically has to use his toys and his brains to basically save himself and/or his company from destruction?  We see a quick flash of Guy Pearce, reminding us that we're basically seeing The Mandarin (played by non-Asian actor Ben Kingsley) tossed into the "Extremis" story arc.  The most interesting moment is what is apparently a possibly mortally wounded Happy Hogan, as he's certainly a likely candidate for a major death who's absence won't screw up the franchise too much.  Since Favreau arguably doesn't want to stick around forever watching other people take on his franchise, it's a good bet he doesn't survive this chapter.  Anyway, Shane Black's Iron Man 3 opens in the US on May 3rd, 2013. As always, we'll see.  Now it's your turn.  What is the chance that Iron Man 3 can become the first truly *good* part 3 in comic book film history?   

Scott Mendelson


Monica said...

looks meh

John Osberger said...

i think it has a great shot, if only for the hiring of Shane Black. he consistently does a great job of blending action and violence and would appear to be a great fit for Iron Man. hard to believe that this is his first directorial job in the 8 (technically will be, i guess) years since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Alison B said...

Very difficult to get excited over - I think, in the confines of a smaller Marvel Movieverse, I'm going to be asking exactly why Tony can't just call on the Avengers to help him. I'm also not a big fan of the fact that hey, it looks like it's Pepper getting caught and tortured by the bad guy - Given Tony's dialogue about not being able to live if he loses something, why couldn't they have Rhodey be kidnapped? One of the few comprehensible plot points in Iron Man 2's non-plot was the strength of the friendship between him and Tony, but nope, it has to be the major female character at the mercy of the bad guy.

corysims said...

I'm still trying to figure out why Tony didn't have Rhodey on red alert in the Avengers in the event something did go down. Completely stupid that Rhodey wasn't in the film. Even worse, Fury had the option to have Rhodey officially as apart of the Avengers Intiative at the end of Iron Man 2. Iron Man approved but not Stark. Okay then, just reassign Rhodey to the Intiative considering that not only is he a soldier and capable of following orders, but he's the War Machine. Problem solved.

Also, we do have one great third film in the comic book genre and it's the film that everyone online seems to be so up in arms about yet give Avengers a pass.

The Fire Rises.


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