Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Good Day to Die Hard gets a generic but amusing teaser.

As expected, Fox is indeed attaching the first teaser for Die Hard 5 to prints of Taken 2, which opens tonight at 10pm (I may or may not attend).  There's nothing wrong with this teaser and its use of "Ode to Joy" serves to remind us that it is ineed a Die Hard movie and not just a generic action picture where Bruce Willis kills people.  There is no real hint of plot and only a token acknowledgment that the story takes place in Russia.  Other than John McClane's son (Jai Courtney) the only prominent new character is the Russian bombshell Julia Snigir.  I'll forgive the drooling on display as the last two Die Hard films had pretty bad-ass female villains, so one hopes Snigir is an antagonist and not a love interest for John McClane Jr.  Truth be told this does look pretty fun and of a certain scale, even if John Moore has yet to make a good movie.  Anyway, A Good Day to Die Hard debuts on Valentines Day weekend, 2013, which is where Fox had good luck ten years ago (!) with Daredevil.  As always, we'll see...  Feel free to share your thoughts below.

Scott Mendelson

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Andrew Albertson said...

Teal and Orange strikes again!


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