Friday, October 19, 2012

Next time you're bored at the office: A full length audio commentary for Moonraker...

Aaron Neuwurth, on whose fine podcast (Out Now with Aaron and Abe) I occasionally guest, was an early fan of Brandon Peter's nearly-complete James Bond retrospectives.  As such, he invited Brandon and I on to participate in a handful of 007 audio commentaries.  We've done three as of now, having just recorded GoldenEye two nights ago.  But until that one, please enjoy this enjoyable and information-packed chit-chat for one of the most inexplicably underrated 007 adventures, Moonraker.  That's right, Moonraker.  Long story short, it's a rather compelling and dark little Roger Moore film that gets unfairly maligned purely due to the final 15-minutes or so set in space.  It's actually one of Moore's better entries.  Don't believe me?  Give it a watch and a listen.

Scott Mendelson

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