Friday, March 12, 2010

Joke's on you...

The idea first sprang up when Leonardo DiCaprio first flirted with the idea of playing Patrick Bateman in Mary Harron's American Psycho. At the time, DiCaprio had just come off of Titanic and he was the absolute top-heartthrob in the universe to countless preteen and teenage girls. The idea of millions of young girls walking into American Psycho knowing only that it was just another Leonardo DiCaprio star vehicle and then being shocked at the onscreen content was too hilarious a prospect to disregard. Anyway, I always had the idea of crafting some kind of 'prank movie', which basically involved casting the hot heartthrob of the moment (be it DiCaprio or Freddie Prinze Jr.) and selling the film as a warm and fuzzy romantic comedy, only to have it turn into a 'social issues' picture at the very end. IE - Unsuspecting moviegoers pay to see a variation on She's All That, they end up with a completely out-of-left field climax resembling the finale of Requiem For A Dream.

I'm not sure why that came up this morning, must have been the weather. Oh, Robert Pattinson's new romantic vehicle Remember Me comes out today. I wonder how it ends...

Scott Mendelson

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