Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Up in the Air trailer

This one's getting rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival and has instantly become an Oscar front runner. I actually had an opportunity to see this at a test screening about a month ago, but I passed (it's always a dilemma, since I can't in good conscious write about test screenings and I may not be seeing the finished product). I absolutely detested Thank You For Smoking (it was full of stupid people who were supposed to be smarter than us) but I liked Juno as much as anyone else. I'm perked by the apparent cameos or supporting turns by JK Simmons and Jason Bateman (yes, I know, they're both in Extract which I haven't seen yet). Anyway, the teaser is just that, telling you nothing about the darker undertones of the story, but also revealing nothing about the plot that would spoil the experience. If you haven't read anything else thus far, then just watch this teaser and leave it at that.

Scott Mendelson

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