Saturday, September 12, 2009

The third Twilight Saga: New Moon trailer (this one's for Team Edward).

I know full well about Bella's behavior in the second novel (I was warned about it when I gave bending-over-backwards to be fair praise to the first film), so I won't comment about the idea of a teenage girl basically trying to kill herself because her puppy-love crush dumped her. But I will say that this trailer does both the expected (highlighting Edward Cullen instead of Jacob) and unexpected (it gives away the whole narrative of the picture in just two minutes). I'm heartened to see a shot of Billy Burke, as the relationship between Bella and her father was a highlight of the first film. But I gotta say, it would have been much more fun to watch Dakota Fanning snap a guy's neck in those opening moments, just like Hide and Seek would have been more popular past its opening weekend had Fanning been revealed to be the villain (I'm guessing a healthy chunk of the opening-weekend crowd went expecting just that).

Scott Mendelson

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